Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Road Trip Series Assemblage Necklaces #1

I'm on a "roll" making these little vintage toy car necklaces. 

Not only are they fun, nostalgic & colorful, but wear one to Home Depot or a car show and expect to get stopped every ten feet! 
Men and kids love these! Occasionally the hot rod or truckin' mama will stop me for ooohs and awwws but it's mostly men. 
The kiddles, they point and always have an "out of the mouths of babes" comment.

1st in the series
  Counting Blue Cars  
Assemblage necklace using a vintage diecast "Midget Toy" car (as found) as the focal piece. 
Also features beads of Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Pearl, Agate, Crystal & Glass. 
Handmade findings and a vintage rosary sections and medallion.
Total length 24 1/2" - Chain 20" and Car dangle 4 1/2"

Clasp Detail

Full View

Rolling down the highway~

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