Monday, February 16, 2015

I’ve Got the Pinterest Picked For You Blues, How About You?

I started the day by going back to bed with a nice hot cup of coffee and my trusty tablet. I just wanted to sip and pin, slow and easy like... but as soon as my feed loaded that peaceful feeling evaporated and that annoying feeling I've had the last few weeks kicked right in. 

That feeling of being force fed. On my 7" tablet 2 of the 6 pictures on my screen were "Picked for you" and neither one were anything I would pick for myself. Sigh.

I don't remember when I started pinning but I do remember I heard about it on the Etsy forums and back then one had to be invited in order to join. Looking at some of my older boards this morning I have pins that were pinned 3 years ago. You had to have a Facebook or Twitter account to join then.

I say this because I remember what my feed looked like back then. Um, shall we say random?

I have enjoyed how my feed has evolved in what I would refer to as an organic and good way over 3 years. Based on boards and people I have chosen to follow. 

When I thought about writing this post this morning it was mostly because I wanted to make the graphic above to pin on one of my group boards because I wanted a simple way to tell those people I had missed some of their pins and I felt in part it was due to 1/3 of my feed now being clogged up with picked for you items. I knew I should add some sort of disclaimer somewhere in this post so here it is:

DISCLAIMER: This post is a vent. I did not research anything nor did I come up with the 1/3rd number in any scientific way beyond looking at a 7" screen and seeing how many pins were showing on the screen and how many of those were "picked for you". I randomly scrolled and it was never less than 1/4 but was more frequently 1/3rd.

I wouldn't want y'all thinking I'm all vent and no action. I have been sending feedback on a lot of these pins and in all fairness I'm beginning to see a slight improvement. 

One thing I don't understand or like is so many of the "picked for you" pins, are pins I've already pinned or liked? If I try and pin something I've already pinned I'm warned of this by Pinterest in the form of "Psssst looks like you've already added this". If they know that, why are they adding pins I've already liked or pinned to my feed? Ugh.  
At least I do like those though, more often I'm thinking am I on the Popular or Everything feed? WTF and where the heck did that come from?

Ah well, looking at the time I have to end my vent. I have spent all my allotted quality pinning time today writing this post and it's time to go to work~

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Vintage Palomino on Etsy

Vintage Palomino on Etsy 

I used to make "treasuries" on Etsy. 
Now I prefer to make "collections" and post them here.
I'm thinking about making it a weekly series...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Darling Love Story ~

~ A Darling Love Story ~

A darling lady contacted me through Etsy to ask if she could send me a bullet shell that was sentimental to her husband. 
She wanted me to turn it into a key chain. 
She planned to give it to him for Valentine's day. 

I had done this before, told her as much and gave her my address. Previously though, the shells I have done were shot in 21 gun salute at funerals. I'm asked to put the deceased's initials, birth and date of passing on them.

She then told me the casing/shell was the first bullet her son ever shot with her husband. I got misty. I come from a shooting family. It's a milestone. A beginning of life milestone. 
I had never been contacted to do a "first shot" piece.

After a little back and forth about what she wanted it was revealed the bullet casing was much smaller than the ones in the listing and which I normally use. We were both momentarily disappointed that I was unable to put all the characters she originally wanted as they simply would not fit. 

Truth told, I wasn't certain I could even do much with it at all...

Anyone who knows me well could tell you I'm a bit jaded by life but this love story gave me some hope. I told the darling lady I enjoyed a good challenge and to go ahead and send it. Even if I could only stamp it with a heart it would warm a couple of hearts.

The Letter & Brass Arrive
A few days later the letter and casing arrived & I set to work~

The Work Begins
I had told the darling lady who was now a client we could fit more on it if I smashed it completely flat. The process pushes the pin out.

Once it was flattened / smashed I was able to see what would actually fit. The client had wanted me + you with a heart as her first choice. Unfortunately that wasn't going to work.
Her second choice was C + S with a heart. 

That would fit but I had another problem to deal with first. 
The tip end had literally taken a beating even though I tape it off and concentrate on the pin end. The reason I don't work with this size much is they aren't as malleable. For every success there is failure. A 50/50 chance doesn't work for stocking my shop on a daily basis. At some point the tip end needs to be flattened & it's a lot of stress on the thin brass.

Raw Rivet, Stamping & Pre-Drilling
I decided a copper rivet would add strength and stability so I added that and then began the stamping. I also pre-drill the hole for the key ring. The size depends on which ring a client chooses.

Next Step - Polish, Darken & Drill to Size
The polishing process naturally sets the oxidation into the stamping imprints and a black sharpie evens it out. 

I love how even in the "smashed" state one can still see WIN (Winchester) and 9MM

The Finished Piece
It makes me very happy!

One Last Shot with the Pin

I got a little punny with that title!

Here's to True Love