Friday, January 16, 2015

Measure Up ~ Upcycled Assemblage Earrings for Carpenters, Contractors, Remodelista's & DIY Queens

Yesterday I was working on a custom order and staring back at me from my workbench was this piece of broken tape measure. 

It had been sitting there a long time, a couple of years I'd say, patiently waiting... So in the middle of the custom order it said "marry me to that piece of tin shed, earrings would do". 

Seriously, I stopped what I was doing and set to work on this marriage!
"Measure Up"

I had the sense to grab my camera because heck, how often does a broken tape ask for marriage to a broken shed? 

The white tin is the destroyed shed I also use to harvest my LOVE letters. The white is part of the shed trim. The large red bead is coral that I have had for many years and the ear wires are oxidized sterling. I felt the dangles made enough of a statement and a simple wire would show them to the best advantage.  

I had a lot of fun photographing these too ~

Have a great weekend!

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