Monday, March 21, 2016

New Logo ~ Melancholy Monday

Have you heard? Etsy is launching a whole new look on April 5th, 2016

The new look applies to all of the shops and is touted as being more mobile friendly for shoppers. At this point they aren't preserving a desktop or laptop version. Which seems odd for a site that size.

The design feels like a blog or stand alone website in that it's vertical, scrolls down without pages (think Pinterest).

The new design gives shop owners more real estate for individual shop branding.

Back to the vertical. My old banner/logo, which was horizontal in nature, wasn't cutting it in the new & larger format. I made some attempts, but quickly decided this was the kick in the butt I needed to create a new logo. My Taxes aren't done, the house is a mess, the pasture & garden need tending and I'm making a new logo! 
Thanks Etsy 0_o

So there it is and I'm glad it's done. I like that it looks fabulous in the new format but will also be great on tags & biz cards.

For reference, here's the old one below.
As you can see, I kept the font & anvil. The bees have a very special meaning, but 3 was too busy, so I used one bee to symbolize my bees. I have been an equestrian since my first pony at age 2. The horseshoe fits because of who I am, but also represents the welded items we make using horseshoes. I think it's a meaningful addition.

Feeling a bit melancholy, but moving forward <3

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