Tuesday, May 27, 2014

For PJ

My dear friend PJ suggested I blog.

We used to live in the same neighborhood, one house in between hers and mine. She’s a designer with a great eye and as a southern girl her projects always have what I call a “southern comfort” about them. She recently moved back to Texas and I miss her so much, but the upside is getting to visit.

When we talk on the phone the conversations always lead to “I need to send you pictures of the project/s I’m working on”. Of course, that rarely happens. It’s not fair, this gal came over and wielded a pry bar, sledge hammer and Sawzall to help me demo my master bath.

This is where the blogging comes in. She thought other people might be interested in some of these projects too. So here I am. 

This one's for you PJ!
The photo on the left before - On the right, a progress shot.

The staining is finished and holes have been drilled for the hardware on the drawers. It needs one coat of sealer and then we form the pour in place concrete counter top template.

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